Boost your blood circulation with Fruits and veggies

A healthy body means healthy blood circulation. Preventing from toxin-formation in the body, it is one of the central axioms of good health. It takes so many things to improve your blood circulation, but there are some natural ways that will help. Apart from doing exercises and yoga, a healthy diet is the key to good blood circulation.


Food that stimulates blood circulation:

Garlic: having scientifically proven medical properties, it prevents plaque build-up and cleanses the blood. This natural blood thinner even improves blood flow to the limbs. This natural antibiotic is functional and helps detoxify the body, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

Oranges: Vitamin C enriched citrus fruits; apart from preventing plaque build-up also strengthens the capillary walls. They are natural blood thinners.

Greens: Creating a feeling of lightness, spinach or greens like kale, sprouts, collards, and broccoli detoxify the bloodstream and improves respiratory functions.

Blueberries: Strengthening blood vessels and improving blood flow to the heart, eating wild blueberries on a regular basis can improve circulatory health.

Ginseng: Traditionally used for several medical conditions “Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” has reported that a curative dose of red ginseng can help improve blood circulation.

Note- Ginseng is a potent medicine that can cause adverse interactions and side effects; hence consult your doctor before taking them.

There are several good things in consuming a healthy diet, nourishing all of your tissues, apart from helping in proper blood circulation, it also gives that energy you need at work. Consuming 3 cups of vegetables daily for men and 2.5 cups for women is a recommended portion.

To tag on exercises and yoga can be a struggle in your daily routine, especially when the weather is bad. Making your eating habits healthy is said to help! On the other hand, desk-ercise at work is said to help. Having said all that, in order to have the most of it, combine it with other heart-healthy foods that will benefit your circulation.

Note- the quality of our blood simply depends on what we eat, so eat healthy and live healthy.

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