High prices fruits in open market


High prices fruits in open market

Prices of fruits in open market are much higher as compared to rates in the wholesale market. There is wide difference of rates between these open and wholesale markets. This is due to lack of proper check in this regard.

The majority of the fruit shopkeepers and vendors are not displaying the fruit rate lists properly. Vendors said that the district administration only had given them the price list in case of visit to the market.

In wholesale market Mango’s crate of 10 kg is available at Rs 500-600, where it is being sold at Rs. 100 per kg in the open market. Likewise, apples’s crate of over 15 kg is sold at Rs. 1000-1100 in wholesale market where it is being sold at Rs. 100 per kg in the open market. Banana Rs 80-100 per dozen in the open market while Rs 1100-1200 per bunch of around 20 dozens in wholesale market. Grapes are sold at Rs 150-200 per kg in open market while crate of 5 kg was available at Rs 700-800.

The visitors to Sasta bazaars of twin cities complained that stall holders do not allow anyone to properly check fruits.

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