The Fruits Power to Cure Acne problems


Fruits should be a part of our daily diet for a healthy living. They can be helpful in curing various ailments and prevent other.

We must have often heard the famous saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples are very good for skin but never peel off the skin and eat. The skin of apple is good for avoiding constipation as it contains “pectin” that keeps the stomach in good shape. Why we are talking about the peel here? Its because, constipated stomach can be one of the reasons for an acne breakout; an apple can keep your skin healthy and glowing. Pick any fruit and you would discover that they are mostly rich in Vitamin C, E and A that are perfect natural antioxidants. .

Pick any of your acne medication and have a look at its chemical components; the first thing you would find is that you are being given vitamin A that is available in abundance in apples. Try eating one in the morning and witness a good bowel movement. Take your pick from lemon, oranges and grapefruits that are great sources of vitamin C and consume in good quantities to fight off acne.

Another fruit that is good for skin is “Cherry”. They contain high amount of vitamin C and plays the role of blood purifiers. They also help in getting a good sleep that goes a long way in keeping the health of your skin and keeping it acne free . Banana is another pro-biotic fruit with abundance of “good bacteria” that are effective blood cleansers.

Be careful that fruits alone don’t become your whole diet. Overdo of anything is good for nothing. Try to take fruits in proper proportions for good results. In case of banana, one in a day should suffice. And don’t add any sugar to the fruit. High amount of sugar in the body can cause acne and counteract all the goodness of the fruit. Take one to two portions of fruit in your diet everyday to ensure a healthy, glowing and acne free skin

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