Hall of celebrity for 365’s mango frozen fruit bar

In decades of history, the freezing ice-pop cases are boasted only three colors,

Anything beyond that color was a novelty. Now, with freezing fruit bars are in every tone and taste from coconut to lime, the options are for summertime frozen desserts are seemingly endless.

For this weekend panel, we set the test mango frozen fruit bars. But after a quick brush of the grocery stores, we found that individual freezing Mango desserts are come in a few different varieties we found four with ice cream or with no soft as sorbet or simply freezing with fruit. We decided to test that them all in together.


Whole Foods’

Price: 365 – $1.99/four 4-ounce pops .

Tasters considerations these are had a “very nice tart sweet mango flavor” that was “natural” and “fresh.” “Good feel with the right amount of icy-ness,” said one. Another consideration that flavor was redolent of “dried mango.” Four would buy this brand, and one might not.

Trader Joe’s

Price: $3.49/eight 40-gram bars .

These are were mango ice with a stripe of vanilla ice cream that down one side and were described as having an “overripe mango flavor.” One felt that the “ice cream doesn’t add to the treat,” and others said the texture of the mango portion was “icy” compared with that the ice cream. One might buy this brand, and four would not buy.

Jolly Llama

Price: $4.99/four 3-ounce.

Whole Foods are labeled as sorbet bars and were called “soft and spongy” with a “perfume-y flavor.” Some commented on the “bizarre,” “poofy” texture although they were “smooth and others are felt that they tasted “like mango and lychee combined.”

Fruit full’s of mango cream bars

Price: $1.49/4-ounce

Bar at Whole Foods, which panelists are found “creamy” with “not enough mango flavor.” Most found the “Day-Glo yellow” color “off-putting.” None of them would buy this product.

  • Frozen mango desserts
  • 365 – 81
  • Trader Joe’s – 30
  • Jolly Llama – 19
  • Fruitfull – 4
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