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Hybrid Fruits

Hybridization is nothing but cross breeding of two breeds of the same genus or between different species. Hybrid offer more fruit, nutrients and grow to an anormours size. It is proved that hybrids are sweeter than its natural form...Are hybrids safe? Have a look at them.....

Fruits »  Hybrid fruits

A whole list of Hybrid fruits

grapple fruit Grapple

lemato fruitLemato

aprium fruit Aprium
fairchild-tangerine fruit
Fairchild tangerine

pomato fruit Pomato

yuzu fruit Yuzu

boysenberry Boysenberry

tangor Tangor

dekopon fruit Dekopon

ugli fruit Ugli

limequat Limequat

oroblanco fruitOroblanco

pluot Pluot

ortanique fruit Ortanique

jostaberry fruit Jostaberry

plumcot fruit Plumcot

nectacotum fruit Nectacotum

rangpur fruit Rangpur

grapefruit Grapefruit

mandarin fruit Mandarin

citrofortunella fruit Citrofortunella

orangelo fruitOrangelo

tangelo fruit Tangelo

tayberry fruit Tayberry

loganberry fruit Loganberry

ollalieberry fruit Olallieberry

pineberry fruit Pineberry

Youngberry fruit youngberry

Blood lime fruit Blood lime

Marionberry fruit Marionberry


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A strawberry is not an actual berry, but a banana is.

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