Wonders of Miracle fruit


Miracle fruit, miraculous fruit or sweet berry – a small bright red, ellipsoid berry approximately 2 to 3 cm long with single seed. The miracle occurs after eating the fleshy part of the berry. It causes sour and bitter foods to taste sweet. The miracle fruit itself has very low sugar content.

Miracle fruit does not taste sweet by itself but when combined with bitter and sour foods it transforms their flavor to taste sweet. It has a short shelf life only lasting for 3-4 days. You can find the miracle berry in dried form or encapsulated into pills.

The miracle fruit plant can be grown indoors with a T5 fluorescent growing light. It mimics the indirect sunlight that it would receive in nature. The plant can self pollinate itself and bears many fruits. It contains a protein molecule called miraculin which binds to the taste buds. It distorts the sweet sensory input to respond to acids and replicates the effect of sugar.

The fruit had low calorie sweetening abilities, hence it’s best suited for diabetic patients.

Recently the miracle berry has become popular with food tasting events called “Taste tripping”.

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