Fruits- New price records in Ukraine


Fruit and vegetable index shows that, the price have been again increased in Ukraine last week. The growth of prices amounted to 1.4% weekly. Hence Ukrainian consumers’ fruit and vegetable basket kept on setting new price records in the country.

Borsch vegetables such as onions, cabbage, beets, carrots and potatoes increased in price averagely by 0.9% last week, primarily due to continued growth of prices for beets and carrots which are mainly imported now. 4% increase of fruit prices last week is mainly due to the growth of citrus and apple prices. Moreover, strengthening of the US dollar in Ukraine can lead to further increase of prices for imported fruits and vegetables in the near future.

Fruit-Inform Project’s analysts think that seasonal decrease of fruit and vegetable prices can be delayed by 10-14 days in 2011 due to cold spring.

The only product decreased in price was garden strawberries. Strawberry prices remain too high for this certain period of season due to relatively cold weather causing delays in crop ripening in southern regions of Ukraine.

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