Fruits-To Combat Hairloss

Fruits to control hair loss

To have a healthy hair you have to consume Fruits and Veggies daily. Fruits are enriched with vitamins and nutrients.This not only helps you to make your body healthier but also helps to prevent hair loss such as scalp.

Many citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grape fruit and darkly pigmented fruits such as cherries, blueberries, cranberries, pomegranates, raspberries and plums are rich in Vitamin C ,bioflavonoids and of antioxidants.Antioxidants helps in increasing of circulation to the scalp which encourages hair growth.

Fruits like apples, apricots, peaches, bananas and watermelon are not only rich in vitamins and nutrients and sweet in taste, but also helps in hair growth called as hair-growth boosters.

The secret ingredient in these fruits is the biotin. Biotin is the nutrient that has been heralded as the natural growth steroids for hair and nails. Many people use biotin a fortified diet to combat hair loss. The biotin promotes hair growth and infuses strength and thickness into every strand.

The powerhouse of fruit for healthy hair is the avocado.The fruit is a natural moisturizer that helps hair growth. Avocados are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. Avocados are great food for damaged hair.The avocado is a natural sunscreen. Add this fruit to make hair stronger, shiny and healthy.The leaves of Avocado hair softer, more elastic and less prone to breakage.

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