Health & Medicinal benefits of Lychee


Litchi fruit extract showed anticancer activities. This fruit has flavonoids in the pulp which helps to prevent fatal and lethal disease like cancer. Flavones, quercitin and kaempferol as a powerful compound in reducing the proliferation of cancer cells.


Lychee fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C aids the body in fighting against cancer and heart diseases. A compound extracted from lychee called Oligonol(R) have benefits for skin through improving the blood flow to the sub dermal skin layer and protecting it from damages caused by UV light and free radicals. Oligonol(R) have also shown improved cardiovascular function, reduction of visceral fat as well as reduction of exercise fatigue.


The lychee fruit protects the body from potential heart attacks. It helps to clear out blood clots and also keeps the cells healthy. 50% less chance of heart attack is seen in body that ate lychee fruit several times a week than people who don’t eat lychee fruit.


Due to presence of Vitamin C in lychee fruit, helps to boosts up the natural immunity of the body particularly among the people who suffering from fevers colds, and sore throats.


Lychee fruit has the ability to shrink the swollen glands and relieves pain associated with it. A tea made from powdered lychee seeds is used to relieve pain, including neuralgic [nerve] pain. The Chinese uses it to treat inflammations of the genitals.


The seed present in this fruit is astringent and is used for intestinal troubles and to get rid the body of intestinal worms. Various parts of the lychee tree are also prescribed for mild Diarrhea, gastralgia and stomach ulcers. Lychee flesh is considered a good antacid. It is used to treat High acidity, nausea and dyspepsia.


Herbal tea made by boiling the peel or bark of this fruit can boost the immune system of the human body to fight against infections such as common cold and throat ailments. Traditional healers prescribe lychee for Quinsy [a painful pus filled inflammation of the tonsils and surrounding tissues; usually due to tonsillitis].They also include the peel, tree bark, roots or flowers in their herbal formulation to treats skin eruptions due to smallpox.


The potent compound in lychee chinensis Sonn shows promise in preventing eye and nerve damage in people with diabetes. This compound has the potential to be developed into a class of drug called Aldose reductase inhibitors. The potent antioxidant capability of polyphenol has proven beneficial for a number of health conditions.

Coughs and Dieting

Colds and flu can cause severe dry coughs which can be very discouraging. You don’t like having these coughs throughout the day and night. Lychee’s can help to treat these annoying coughs because Lychee contains little or no fat at all, you can include Lychee into your daily diet. This would mean that you can choose to consume as many Lychees as you can without having to worry about putting on weight.

Beautify the Skin

Person who are suffering from acne and spots, then it is required that you have to consume Lychees as much as possible. Lychee’s helps to nourish your skin of oils which can help reduce the growth of acne.This fruit refines your skin when enjoyed at no limit. Refining of the skin leads to less spots on your face.

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