Seasonal Fruits



Avocado is called as alligator pear, midshipman’s butter, vegetable butter, or sometimes as butter pear. Avocados are grown from seed, but the plants are propagated by grafting. It is also may be pear-shaped, egg-shaped or spherical in shape.



Cucumber is an ancient plant belongs to the native India, where the seeds almost twelve thousand years old. There are several varieties of cucumber. The most popular are English, Persian, and Pickling cucumbers.




JackfruitJack Fruit

Jackfruit tree bears massive fruits from the trunk and lower branches. It can also be called as jak-fruit, jak, and jaca. In Malaysia and the Philippines it is called in the name of nangka, in Thailand as khanun, in Cambodia as khnor, in Laos as mak mi or May mi and in Vietnam as mit.

Navel oranges

Navel orange

Navel oranges are characterized as the second fruit at the apex, which protrudes slightly and resembles a human navel. Navel orange trees are all perfect clones of one another and  are all originated from a single tree.

Navel oranges

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