External use of use citrus fruit

Citrus fruits- external uses

Citrus fruits are best used as cleaning agents. Even the toughest stains can be cleaned with the help of these acidic fruit types. Now you can forget using expensive detergents for cleaning your home and other things that are dirty and stained. Following are some of the other uses of citrus fruits apart from taking it as a diet food.

Even the most badly discolored real brass can get back to its old form when you scrub some lemon along with a dash of salt to it. Before you start, ensure that you scrub the bottom part of it as a testing. This not only works with brass, but also with copper and aluminum. Note: This works on real brass not brass plated. Cream of tartar also works on this.

Rust stains can be cleaned with the paste of lemon juice and tarter. All you have to do is rub the mixture into the stain and let it soak for just about a half hour, and then wash as normal.

Your white tennis shoes can be made white with lemon juice application. After scrubbing place them in sun. Even your kid’s garment that has ink spots can be cleaned. apply lemon juice to the stain. Wash the garment in cold water.

The best part is that, it exudes a fragrance that gives a fresh and mild good smell. Underarm stains from shirts can be removed by scrubbing them with a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and water. Your old steel sink can also be given a light scrub for a polished look.

You can even make your own spray cleaner and make use on a periodical basis to give a new look to your stained items. It’s simple and easy.

  • 4 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp liquid soap
  • 1 tsp washing soda and
  • 1tsp Borax into two cups hot water.

Mix until dissolved and store it in a bottle with sprayer.

Lemon mixed with water makes a great natural air freshener.

Give your glass doors and windows a new look by rubbing some used lemons on them.

Dried lemons and oranges can be used as potpourri i.e. it can be kept in your table draw; it keeps away mosquitoes and other small insects.

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