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A short note about food wholesalers

Wholesalers play a major role in the food and drink industry. The increasing demand of different products in the market makes wholesalers more important. The opening of many small franchises needs them for distribution, supply and stock of different food products. Consumers demand local food and drink, which small retailers can fulfill only by the help of wholesalers. Hence, the need and importance of food wholesalers have increased in recent years.

Fruit and Food WholesalersThis trend has led to mushrooming of different communities of wholesalers, who provide memberships to retailers and small food franchise. For example, they help you to promote your local identity with their logo and let you promote in their national and international events and exhibitions. As, most of the business identities are opting the online way to get success, their membership benefits you with hypertext link to your own site. Big wholesale communities organize many workshops and seminars to support practical business development and enhancement, which are beneficial for small retailers and franchises to a great extend.

Wholesaling and retailing of food products has a great boon. They work as a chain of distribution. Wholesalers help retailers to get products in good condition wherever and whenever needed. The retailers make it sure that food products are available at a convenient place for consumers. Both the wholesalers and retailers also create brand image of food products.

No doubt, food wholesalers play an important role in getting the product from the manufacturer and distributing the same to the ultimate consumer.  However, sometimes it becomes difficult for wholesalers to make their presence important.2 For example, a retailer will buy and occupy his/her shelf-space only for the products that are in trend and in demand. Hence, it becomes difficult for a wholesaler to introduce newer items and make a space in a retailer’s store. But, the relation of wholesalers and retailers is stronger, as wholesalers help them to buy products on credit and help them to organize their finances efficiently and effectively. They supply products whenever needed at their convenient locations. They are helpful for both the manufacturers and the retailers, as they work as intermediaries in receiving and distributing products. This has lead to many benefits of wholesalers and their membership. They can easily conduct networking with other members of the group and can get support other members in many different matters, be it marketing or retailing issue.

Wholesalers not only help retailers but also manufacturers allowing them to concentrate more on manufacturing operations without worrying about selling products. The wholesalers collect orders from a large number of retailers and order the same to manufacturers. They supply products to retailers from the stock of goods supplied in bulk by the manufacturer. As they buy in large stocks, hence, they allow manufacturers to get the benefit of economies of large-scale production. Moreover, they help them to learn about newer demands and trends in the market, so that manufacturers can manufacture products accordingly. Manufacturers can easily regulate their production as per the trends.

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