Gourmet Diet Foods – Tantalizing Foods to Satisfy You’re Craving for Nutritious Foods

In today’s generation people are more concerned with what they eat. With so many food choices, a calculative approach towards food is what makes you healthy. With that said, many are shifting to gourmet diet choices which are something very good for health and they are the best alternative for your deep fries and burgers.

Imagine when you are in the mood for a good burger with creamy dips or fries, gourmet options will provide you with healthy and tasty snacks.

Given that, what are the choice of gourmet diet food can you have will make the selection process even more daunting. However the best part to overcome this is what the gourmet food choices is all about!! Since there are plenty of choices in this food variety, it might be a little confusing to make the right choice. Let’s find out some of the best gourmet diet food that can treat your taste bud in an extravagant way.


BBQ Chicken
Tender and extreme soft chicken marinated with organic and homemade barbeque sauce – the initial preparation of this gourmet diet food. After that you have to grill it on barbeque oven. This chicken dish can be served with broccolis, freshly steamed and roasted vegetables.

Whole Wheat Penne with Vodka Sauce 
As it pretty evident from the name itself, the whole wheat penne pasta is made with vodka sauce. This delicacy goes very well with a lot of mixed vegetables.

Chicken Cordon Blue
It is tender and soft French chicken stuffed with low fat savory ham and cheese. Prepare brown rice and get lots of mixed vegetables with this specialty.

Poached Salmon Filet
Salmon is undoubtedly is a great source of acquiring nutrition. For preparing this specialty, you have to toss the salmon filet with dried cranberries, sliced and toasted almonds, wild rice medleys and organic leafy spinaches. Garnish this gourmet delicacy with rice wine sauce, fresh lemon and fresh dill. Your dish is ready that will take care of your health and taste.

Chicken ItalianoChicken-Italiano
This Italian delicacy consists of grilled and marinated juicy part of chicken breast with tomato putanesca sauce, freshly prepared, as the topping. This gourmet diet dish is best served with freshly steamed colored vegetables, chick pea and lentil salad. The vibrant colors of the vegetables make the dish very colorful and attractive for the eaters.

Pork Tenderloin in a Fruity Sauce 
This gourmet diet food is prepared with the help of pork tenderloin dressed with fruity sauce prepared by mango and papaya. This soft pork preparation can be served well with a variety of mixed vegetable freshly steamed and organic and fresh garden vegetables.

So many dishes are on offer for you. You can gain nutrition as well as have a wonderful treat with some diet foods. You can know about many other such food items from the renowned catering companies.


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