Love for Taiwanese fruits – Chinese tourists

There are certain fruits varieties that Chinese vacationers welcome the most namely pineapples, mangoes, wax apples, guavas and sugar apples. They have no hesitation to dispatch them so as to please their palettes reports china times.

Chinese vacationers often spending their Renminbi on Taiwanese fruits in the night markets of southern Taiwan Kaohsiung city, utters a loud call of, “the waste bin is here!” from stand owners are everywhere. The very first reaction when they have the fruit seeds in the mouth is to spit and throw them on the ground- their cries are preventative.

In order to meet up the escalating demand that Chinese vacationers place, a fruit stand on the side of a crossing point in the southern Chiayi County, run by a couple who grew pineapples nearby had to hire five employees. NT$1 million (US$33,330) is the yearly turnover of the fruit stand now!

The majority of tourists chomp their fruits on site, for the reason that it is not possible for them to backtrack it to China. As aforesaid, sugar apples, wax apples, mangoes and pineapples are the most appreciated fruits in the northern Taipei’s Shihlin night market. Even before they take out the money, almost of the 20 fruit stands would have the benefit of a free sample. However, when the chance of business opportunity crops up, with the help of electronic balance the Taiwanese fruits are weighed that measures to the gram.

Having said that, there has been no complaint about the costs since the tourists have previously been told that it would cost more when they are prepared and ready to eat

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