Italy counts on Tropical Fruits for Jungle Match

Having headed into the jungle, Italy is going tropical for its jungle match. At the point when the Azzurri face England in the World Cup’s Amazonian venue of Manaus on Saturday, they will be depending on some local fruits and vegetables in order to help them manage the high temperature and mugginess.

Providing necessary nourishment for the players, Coconut water is an ideal supplement which can be had after matches and even during the training sessions. Given that, Pineapple and papaya are also on their high range in providing anti-inflammatory powers,” team nutritionist Elisabetta Orsi said.

Subsequent to the fight back of high temperature and humidity at last year’s Confederation Cup, there has been a strict emphasis on nutrition and fitness upsurge to this play-offs by the coach Cesare Prandelli.

In order to have the best play, for the very first time at the World Cup European championship, the team’s medical staff and nutritionists will be selecting the menu for the players instead of Italy squad’s chef.

Having starred in a Nutella TV commercial, it is the eminent Claudio Silvestri who will be preparing meals for the players.

Premeditated to go well with the weather pattern, the meals are prepared according to the climate.

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