Ways to know how your favourite summer fruits are ready to eat

Here are some tips on how to tell when fruit is ripe:

  • Apricots- when kept at room temperature for a few days, Apricots will soften, however, they should be purchased when it’s quite hard. Fairly firm they will be in bright orange with a rosy blush when they are full-grown. Season- July to August.
  • Blueberries- Consider its over-all color when you are buying. It should be firm and sweet-smelling. Season- July to September.
  • Cherries- It should be firm when purchased. Season- June to July.
  • Gooseberries- Based on the variety of the berry especially the color you choose, maturity period differs, however the fruit must be without any blemishes and wrinkles. Season- July and August.


  • Peaches- Just like Apricots, even peaches will soften after a few days of room temperature so it shall be bought firm while buying in the grocery store. Peaches with green tinge and wrinkles should be avoided.
  • Raspberries- it should be red in color wholly when bought. Season- July to September.
  • Strawberries- It should be deep-red in color when you are buying and should smell sweet. Season June to July.
  • Watermelon- A cream-colored “yellow belly” showing the melon full-grown in the sun. Season- July to September.
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