Most hydrating summer fruits for smoothies, less of sugar-kick

There are certain summer fruits that are of less sugar-kick but most hydrating and this article is all about it and how to have the best blend of it.

Summer is the better and best time of the year to take pleasure in smoothies. Allowing you to take a fresh break from the usual recipes like banana berry shake, they are creative in addition. As they come into season, a right combination of summer fruits will help you beat the summer heat while giving a delicious smoothie that is nutrient-packed. Best part- without sugar overload or any sweeteners.

Delivering heaps of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, unlike fruit juices, are good sources of fiber when made from whole fruit.

Associated with heart health, peaches, apricots and nectarines are exceptional sources of beta-carotene. Having said that, berries on the other hand are packed with anti-cancer phytochemicals together with B vitamins and vitamin C. Healthy ingredients and a blender is all that you need to make smoothies and they are a cinch to make.

A simple guide to make one serving is pick your fruits add some green produces like spinach leaves or you can even add grated carrot or cucumber for a nutrient boost. Choose a base for it like coconut milk or rice soy, yogurts. Add some healthy fat to it like grounded flax seeds, peanut butter for extra nutrients. Consider protein for staying power. Show up some flavor with lime juice or fresh mint leaves. Try different combinations to have the best dash to your smoothie.

Most-hydrating fruits include the following like:        

  • Tomatoes- 94 per cent water
  • Strawberries- 92 per cent
  • Watermelon- 92 per cent
  • Cantaloupe -90 per cent
  • Peaches- 88 per cent
  • Raspberries- 87 per cent
  • Apricots- 86 per cent
  • Blueberries- 85 per cent


Following are some of the combinations that will help you to add a zing to your smoothie.

Strawberries + cherries (pitted) + yogurt (or half yogurt, half milk) + a dash of pure vanilla extract

Watermelon + strawberries + kefir + basil leaves

Cantaloupe + cucumber + unsweetened almond milk + mint

Peaches + strawberries (or raspberries) + milk

Raspberries + lime juice + unsweetened coconut beverage + mint

Pear + avocado + yogurt (or half yogurt, half milk) + a dash of pure vanilla extract

Peaches + spinach + milk + grated ginger root

Chopped tomatoes + carrots + celery + apple + unsweetened almond milk

With the main fruit base you can add cucumber, celery, carrots, zucchini and spinach as they are also high in water content.



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