Special Fruits

Unusual Fruit Facts


Fruits are a source of healthy vitamins and nutrients. They are a tasty healthy treat for the body. We often eat fruits but there are a lot of interesting facts about fruits which we have no idea about. Here are some interesting facts about fruits.

  1. Cranberries can bounce.

Cranberries are also called as bounce berries. It is said that when the fruit is ripe it bounces neatly. When cranberries are plucked and bought in the factory they are tested using this bouncing property to find out if the fruit is ripe or not.

  1. All berries are not berries.

The fruits which we knew as berries for the longest time are not actually berries. Strawberries and raspberries are not berries scientifically. A real berry is one which is formed with a ovary of one flower with a single seed or a bunch of seeds inside the flesh, but strawberries on the other hand have seeds outside the fruit. Other fruits like Banana, Avocado, Kiwi, Watermelon etc are berries.

  1. Some vegetables which are actually fruits.

There a lot of fruits which we assumed to be vegetables. Some fruits like tomatoes are usually assumed to be tomatoes but they are actually fruits. Other fruits which are assumed to be vegetables are Olives, Pepper, Avocado, Cucumber etc.

  1. Apples used to ripen other fruits.

Apples have so many other benefits apart from being healthy .One of its benefits is ripening other fruits. Apples produce ethylene gas. Ethylene is also called as ripening gas .It is used to ripen fruits and hence apple has the natural ability to ripen other fruits .Other fruits which exhibit this property is pear.

  1. Japanese farmers grow square shaped watermelons.

The Japanese farmers started growing square shaped watermelons to save space. The main aim to grow these watermelons was so that it fits inside small refrigerators. But these watermelons are really expensive. The farmers grow the watermelons in a box shaped container and the fruit assumes the box shape.

  1. A pomegranate holds up to one thousand seeds.

The number of seeds in a pomegranate can vary from one fruit to another. Smaller pomegranates will have less seeds whereas bigger pomegranates will have more seeds. But it is said that pomegranate can hold up to 1000 seeds.






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