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5 Fruits you have not heard of


When you walk through a fruit shop you see a variety of fruits. Some of them you know, some of them you have heard of and some you have no idea about it. There are other fruits which are not easily available and you have no idea about. These fruits can be expensive but they taste heavenly. Here are 5 fruits you probably have never heard of.


Durian is big sized fruit with a hard cover and big thorns. The fruit has edible flesh which is divided in layers. The fruit has bad odor and the smell is usually compared to gasoline or rotten onions. The fruit has a sweet creamy taste. As the fruit gets ripper the flesh becomes less fibrous. It is usually found in the South Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.



Longan is one of the most expensive fruits in Asia. It is a small to medium sized fruit. The fruit has brown prickly skin with white translucent edible pulp. It is said to have really sweet and mysterious taste. The fruits native is China and India. It is mostly found in South East Asian counties like Thai land. The fruit can be seen growing between winter and spring.

Sugar apple:

Sugar apple is also called as the custard apple. It is a green scale fruit. The creamy flesh is segmented and each segment has a black seed. The flesh tastes creamy and sweet. The fruit comes from Central America. One can find these fruits growing in tropical regions along the mid summer season.

Star Fruit:

 Star fruit is a unique fruit which is yellow in color. It is shiny and translucent. The fruit has five ridges and hence when sliced the pieces are star shaped. The fruit had a little citric and sweet taste. It is available around the year all seasons. The fruit comes from Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. It is grown mostly in South Eastern Asia. It is not easily available in markets.


Mangosteen is a round fruit which has burgundy purplish thick skin. The flesh is soft and juicy. The fruit is really sweet and hence is added is a lot of desserts. The flesh must be carefully removes as the skin may leave purple stains. If the fruit is ripe it is easier to remove the skin. The fruit comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. It is also grown in The Caribbean and Central America.


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