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Lemon As A Cleaning Agent


Lemon is a sour tasting juicy fruit. It belongs to the citrus family. The fruit is acidic in nature. Lemon fruit is packed with nutrition’s and also contains huge amount iron, calcium and other essential nutrients. It is added in almost every Indian dish specially pickles. Lemon fruits can not only be used for adding flavor to your dishes but also help to clean your household items and remove stains in your clothes. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent which helps in cleaning.

Cleaning Copper and Stainless utensils:

Copper and stainless steel Utensils look beautiful when they are shiny and polished. When time goes by and if the utensils are not maintained they lose their shine and look dull. An easy solution to clean these copper vessels is by using LEMON.

The lemon juice is taken in a bowl and the utensils must be scrubbed using a scrub soaked in lemon juice. This helps to remove any dirt in the vessel and brings back some shine in the vessel.

Washing Dishes:

There may be situations when you are out of detergent and you need to wash the dishes. In these situations a lemon can do the trick. Lemons can be used to make your dishes cleaner than ever. They remove any strong odor from the dishes and leaves it clean and smell free.

The dirty dish is taken and the small piece of lemon is cut and used as a scrubber to scrub the dish. The dish is then washed and cleaned.

Cleaning Glass Windows:

Glass windows are prone to get spots and dust on it. Cleaning glass windows can be a difficult job. But lemons can be used to solve this problem. A lemon spray can be made and used for cleaning windows.

One lemon is taken and the juice is extracted in a spray bottle. Some amount of water is added and it is sprayed on the dirty windows and wiped using a towel.

Removing stains in Clothes:

Lemon is a bleaching agent and hence it is a good option for removing stains in your clothes. Using harsh chemicals may damage the material but lemon is all natural way of doing the task.

A lemon is taken and cut into half. The stained area is rinsed and the half piece of lemon is scrubbed on the area. Wash it and apply more lemon on the stain until the stain is cleaned.

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