Healthy facts of dried fruits

The method of drying the fruit ensures a 100% chemical free process. It creates an increased interest, awareness and support for eating more fruits and vegetables. Intake of dried fruits per day varied among different ages like kids (5-12ages) 2½ – 5 cups, teens (13 – 18 ages) 3½ – 6½ cups and adults (above 19 ages) 3½ – 6½ cups.

Reasons to eat dried fruits:

  • Source of dietary fiber.
  • Potassium maintains muscle contractions and a healthy nervous system of whole body.
  • Iron, a vital mineral for maintaining the delivery of oxygen throughout the body.

Varieties of dried fruits:

Fruits Drying process-fruits yield per tree

Ripen in three stages, hand harvested when tree-ripe, then mechanically dried.

200 lbs.


Fully-ripen and semi-dry on tree.

40-50 lbs.


Mechanically harvested, then mechanically dried.

Fresh: 150-300 lbs. Dried: 50-100 lbs.


Hand harvested when vine-ripened, then sun-dried.


Most important facts of dried fruits:

Though it is healthy as fresh fruits, but it’s not suitable for those who wish to lose weight. Since it does not contain water, but is very rich in sugar content. Hence it’s advisable to consume them in only moderate quantities where 1-cup grapes have 60 calories while 1-cup raisins contain 495 calories. So, dried fruits can make your weight loss program a complete breakdown. But people who are underweight, dried fruits serve as the perfect solution to gain weight and look great.

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