Amazing health benefits of grapes

A study done at the University Of Michigan Cardiovascular Center. Fed groups of rats with enriched grape powder contain a mixture of red, green and black table grapes.

Grapes protect the better heart function:

Grapes protect the better heart function

Half the rats were put on a high salt diet and another half on a low-salt diet. In some other group of rats no grape powder added to their food. After 18 weeks, the rats that ate the grape enriched diet had lower blood pressure, improved heart function and reduced inflammation compared to the rats that ate the same salty diet without the grape powder.

Grapes benefits as red wine:

Grapes benefits as red wine

Various studies have shown the health benefits of red wine. But drinking grape juice provides most of the benefits.

Excessive alcohol usage can cause liver problems, higher blood pressure, heart arrhythmias and alcohol addiction. Red wine can also cause migraines in some people. It contains preservatives, flavoring and unnatural colors which are not really want to put into our bodies. Resveratrol is concentrated in red wine but is less amounts in grapes. So you have to drink more grape juice compared to red wine to get more health benefits.

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