Cool fruit drinks to beat the summer heat

During summers we suffer from torrid, torturous temperatures. There are many new, cool, fruity drinks around us that seem perfect for a summer day to your boost up. In summer time, water is always the top choice for quenching your thirsts. Try the following drinks to keep your body hydrated and healthy. Here are some natural ways to remain cool during summer:

Ginger lime juice:

Lime and ginger are a great combination and it is very good for summer stroke. Easy to make, it tastes good and they are refreshing. Apart from water, not counting the bad-for-health soft drinks, ginger lime is perhaps the best option you got. Mix ginger and lime juice, add some cold water and enjoy the drink.

Cucumber watermelon Punch:

Puree the cucumber and watermelon, add ¼ cup of lime juice with some honey and serve chill. Cucumbers lower your blood pressure, while making you feel refreshed. The subtle sweetness makes the drink perfect for a summer holiday.

Cherry Cooler:

Puree the pitted cherries add some cup sugar and 1 cup strong hibiscus tea. Serve chill!Rich in flavonoids, this is an apt summer drink with an array of health advantages.

Citrus-iced tea:

If you are a tea lover, but don’t find it refreshing in hot weather, try this wonderfully fresh alternative. Prepare the tea as it is meant to be and add some mint and orange slices. Add more ice cubes. There is nothing refreshing and healthy than this.

These juices aforementioned are a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks that you see in food mall or grocery shops. Quenching your thirst, it keeps you hydrated and it works best during peak summer.

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