Tomatoes- Key Ingredient Used By Wholesale Sauce Manufacturers

Sauces have become an integral part of food usage worldwide. Used for dressing on to the top of the dish or as a garnishing ingredient, there are almost all types of vegetable-sauces available in the market today.The main ingredient used by Wholesale sauce manufacturers that stands above all in the sauce manufacturing is Tomato. It is a very popular vegetable throughout the world and is growing everywhere. Apart from use in vegetables, its processed products like soup, concentrates, sauce, puree, ketchup are also equally popular and they have a longer life contrasting fresh tomatoes. tomatoes

Tomatoes are a delicate fruit that needs to be transported carefully to avoid damage during shipment. With the introduction of new technology, many down the line products are made and are consumed round the year as table enriches. The products suggested are sauce, ketchup and puree. They are made from tomato juice, which also involves several other ingredients. Preservatives are added to it to augment its shelf life and tangy taste. These products are consumed by people of all age groups and demand is going up.

Tomato sauce is the main ingredient that adds flavor and state in many dishes like pasta and pizza toppings etc. A characteristic tomato sauce would be based on clean and whole tomatoes, and/or tomato paste. It would also include water, sugar, salt, vinegar, and seasonings. The preferred product thickness would normally be achieved using a thickener, based on starch. High pressured homogenization is also used to attain the preferred thickness. This is common with lower solid substance ketchup’s, which may also contain thickeners, based on starch.

Demand and Supply

Tomatoes are accessible during the season at cheaper rates and prices start shelling up during off-season. But the main cause for these products becoming popular is their widespread use as enriches along with bread and other such measures, in making some fast-food items like burger, pizza, hot dogs etc. and as additives with many food preparations. Hence, these products are witnessing a rise in demands per year.

Raw Material

The most significant raw material in tomatoes category are the grown and ripe tomatoes. Other materials like sugar, various types of spices, vinegar, and salt are required. Concerning packing materials, glass bottles are essential with caps and grooved boxes for outer packing. Other items like labels, tape etc. are also needed.


Wholesale sauce manufacturers carry out a comprehensive procedure for preparing the desired sauce product. At first, fully grown and ripe tomatoes are washed, preferably in running water. After that, they are boiled in the vapor jacketed kettles to assist pulping. While pulping, juice is extracted and other solid materials are separated. This extracted juice is the basic material from which other products are prepared. Then, the procedure is completed by concentrating juice and during the process; sugar, salt, spices, vinegar, onion, preservatives etc. is added to the degree that the mixture contains not less than 12% tomato solids and 28% total solids. The sauce is then subjected to filtration process to remove stringy and other materials. For ketchup, the procedure is more or less same, with various spices like garlic, ginger, pepper; cloves are added with sugar, salt, vinegar and preservatives. For preparing puree, juice is concentrated under vacuum with approximately 9% to 12% solids. The produced sauces are then packed in bottles. Depending upon quality of the tomatoes, the juice recovery varies from 40% to 45%.


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