Preserve your summer fruits with rum

Preserving fruits by soaking them in alcohol is quite easy and produces two delicious outcomes.

With grocery stores and markets starting to rip open with fresh produce, its hi-time to think about preserving some of the seasonal fruits.


The best time to start off your rumtopf is during summer and spring. There are several ways that people prefer to preserve seasonal fruits without refrigeration like drying, curing, Smoking and fermenting. However, preserving it with strong spirit like rum is used lately. Germans, have did this before centuries which is called as rumtopf.

Rumtopf at its best! In general it is good to have it on ice creams, puddings even on cakes. In view of the fact that it is full of alcohol make sure that you consume it in moderation.

For a classic pairing choose Cherries and brandy, Feel free to play! The combinations are only as limited as your imagination…

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