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Exotic Fruits

Exotic fruits are that which are not native and that are cultivated outside, available at their place of origin. Some exotic fruits are tropical. Exotic fruits cover just a small group of fruits, you must try out atleast few when you go for an exotic they appear not like a general fruit perhaps something totally different. Explore them here......

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A whole list of Exotic fruits

Star fruit Star fruit
Kumquat Kumquat Lychee Lychee
Sapodilla Sapodilla Persimmon Persimmon Rambutan
Passion Fruit Black Sapote

Sugar apple

African cucumber Kiwi
Durian Feijoa Atemoya
Dragon Fruit Jackfruit Velvet apple
Santol Pomegranate Jabotacaba
Monstera Deliciouso Horned Melon Calamondins
Mangosteen Wax jambu Physalis
Salak Rollinia Pummelo
Miracle fruit White sapote Star apple


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