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Americans eat less fruits and veggies

NEW YORK – The U.S. government has recently bumped up its recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption, and a recent study suggests it’s extremely likely Americans aren’t keeping up. The United States Department of Agriculture had long suggested that everybody … Continue reading

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Sticker would tell the ripeness of fruits and vegetables

TUCSON, Ariz. wasting money on bad fruit could become a thing of the past. A University of Arizona professor has invented a sticker that could tell consumers if a fruit or vegetable is ripe. That means no more waiting for … Continue reading

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‘Sweet Tooth’ Types Drawn to Fruit

WEDNESDAY– Folks with a sweet tooth know they’re wan to candy bars and ice cream. But research suggests this set also finds fruit more attractive a fact that can be turned to their advantage. “The take-home message here is that … Continue reading

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