Fruits Rich in Hemoglobin


Pomegranate fruit contains three times of antioxidants of green tea.It contains vitamins A,C,E, folic acid and iron.Intake of this fruit supplies iron to blood and reduces the symptoms caused due to lower hemoglobin.Pomegranate is very good for diabetic patients too.


Dates or dried dates are nutritious to the human body.Along with iron they contain Potassium,Calcium,Magnesium and vitamins A and B.Dates can also boost your energy level too.


Watermelon  provides high levels of protein,Carbohydrates,Potassium,Vitamin C and B.As the iron content in watermelon is high it boosts the energy level .


Berries such as Blackberries,Blueberries,Cranberries,Strawberries are rich in iron content.These fruits along with Iron contains lots of Antioxidants,Vitamin A and E.

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